In case you didn’t catch it in the URL or the top of the page, my name’s Devna.

I’m a lifelong Mississippian now living in Newark, New Jersey. I am fiercely protective of both beautiful places.

I am a staunch believer in local journalism — local people, local issues, local stories. I think every place and every person has a story to tell, and I feel lucky when I get to help do that. It’s why I love what I do. 

I graduated from the University of Mississippi a few months ago with a degree in print journalism and a minor in psychology. I spent a lot of time at my student newspaper, The Daily Mississippian, while I was in college, and I talk about it a little too much now for an alumna. 

I’ve been doing this for a while now — I started working at my hometown newspaper, The Neshoba Democrat, while I was in high school. Since then, my bylines have been scattered in newspapers and magazines across the state. 

I’m experienced in feature and news reporting, editing, design, audio, photography, videography, and audience engagement, and I really like writing about equality, education, and the South. I’m always up for a new challenge, though.

Currently, I’m writing about K-12 education as a reporter for Chalkbeat Newark and a 2019 Report for America corps member. Click around the website to find out how to talk to me, because I definitely want to talk to you. Can’t wait to chat soon.